ON HAND: Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 Limited Edition] Sunny Hills Pineapple Mooncake + Apple Mooncake (3pcs each) Gift Box (Delivery end of Sept)


This is a Mid-Autumn Festival limited edition product, and the arrival date in Manila is by Sept. 18-23.

"Pineapple Crisp Apple Crisp Gift Box" also has the classic "Pineapple Cake" from the Global Fruit Project and "Apple Cake" from the Global Fruit Project. The rich combination of double flavors made from Taiwanese and Japanese fruits is a daily delicacy for everyone to gather and share!

Taiwanese native pineapple sauce, with natural butter and Japanese flour, blends the rich creamy aroma with the sweet and sour pineapple sauce, and bakes them into rustic, square, slightly hot hill pineapple cakes.

The ruby ​​apples from Aomori Prefecture, Japan, are slow-cooked with candied fruit to preserve the sweet and sour crispness of the fruit, perfectly sealed in the deep red apple sauce. The meringue made of Japanese flour, French butter and healthy eggs is topped with a layer of snow-thin lemon icing. It is sweet but not greasy, and there is no artificial addition, giving the apple dessert a new experience.

Edible Reminders
This product uses natural ingredients (apples). During the production process, a little fruit core will be mixed into the filling. It will not affect the body after ingestion. You can pick it out before eating.

Detailed description

  • Contents: Pineapple Cake - 5 pcs, Apple Cake - 5 pcs
  • Pineapple Cake: pineapple, cream, flour, eggs, sugar, maltose, milk powder, cheese powder, condensed milk, salt
  • Apple Crisp: Apples, Flour, Cream, Caster Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Eggs, Condensed Milk, Water, Milk Powder, Cheese Powder, Lemon Juice, Salt
  • Net weight: 475 grams

  • Storage method and precautions
  • Pineapple Cake: 45 days shelf life
  • Apple Crisp: 45 days shelf life
  • The shelf life includes the number of days of production and delivery, and the expiration date is based on the label on the outer box.
  • Calculated from the date of arrival, the validity period is at least 30 days.
  • Avoid places with high humidity and high temperature or exposure to the sun.
  • This product contains gluten grains (flour), eggs, dairy products.

  • Preorders and Shipping Guidelines