[Common laundry problems]
Q1 What is the difference between Chaseedang's laundry detergent products and personal laundry hand wash?
A: The hand-washing essence for personal clothes and protease can effectively remove milk stains, urine stains, and blood stains. Ultra-fine molecules can penetrate into the clothes fibers to decompose stains. It is recommended to use hand-washing essence for personal clothes and baby clothes to bring the cleanest feeling to the skin.

Q2 Suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Chaseedang products are all designed for gentle cleansing formula, so you can use it for sensitive skin! However, the sensitivity of each hand is not the same. It is recommended that you do a skin sensitivity test before using a product that has never been used for the first time!

Q3 What kind of clothes are recommended to use hand wash?
A: It is recommended to use Cha Seed Tang's hand-washing liquid for intimate clothes, baby clothes, and soft materials (such as knitted, Linen and linen clothes) that are close to the skin.

Q4 What is the effect of multifunctional laundry products?
A: Many other brand laundry products advertise diversified performance. In fact, many chemical substances are added. These added substances are not only harmful to the human body, but also cause environmental pollution. All products of Chaseedang laundry series are carefully selected with good ingredients to restore clothes in the most natural way to give the skin the most practical care.

Q5 Will the clothes smell smell after washing?
A: Some products have added many artificial flavors and chemical materials in order to achieve the effect of "washing clothes will be fragrant". Frequent use may cause skin allergies and even be harmful to health. Therefore, Chaseedang insists on using plant essential oils, while washing clothes exudes natural fragrance. Our products will not let you wash your clothes for a whole day, but only bring you the most natural and elegant smell.

【 Product specifications】

Product name           │ Rosewood intimate clothing hand wash
Scope of application│ Cotton, Linen, rayon, synthetic fiber, functional and other personal clothing can be used
Capacity                   │ 550 mL
Product size             │ length, width and height 8 x 8 x 19 (cm)
Place of Origin         │ Taiwan