CHA TZU TANG Tea Seed Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)


Cha Tzu Tang's first product is a product full of "love". The exclusive "cooking method" combines tea seed powder, gum arabic, refined salt and other ingredients. The
mild ingredients do not irritate the hands, making washing dishes a new Live movement!

- Effective cleaning power, can remove grease and vegetable stains from dishes-
Gentle formula, hands will not dry after washing-
Easy to use, save dosage, does not block water pipes


Customer FAQ

Q1. Why is the dishwashing liquid brown?
A: The brown color comes from the primary color of the bitter tea powder, and the smell that is somewhat similar to the noodle tea also comes from the original flavor of the bitter tea powder. The bitter tea powder is derived from the "bitter tea seed powder" after pressing the bitter tea oil. Since the bitter tea powder particles are large, it is not easy to use, so we repeatedly grind it into "bitter tea seed powder", so that the texture is fine and does not block the water pipe. , Bitter tea seed powder is rich in "tea saponin", which is a natural surfactant, which can coat oil and take away dirt.

Q2. What is a plant-based surfactant
A: All ingredients with cleaning and foaming capabilities are collectively referred to as surfactants. Surfactants are divided into "chemical surfactants (also known as petrochemical surfactants)", " Plant-based surfactant", bitter tea seeds contain natural saponin, which can remove oil and foam, so we call it a plant-based surfactant.

Q3. Can I wash other things besides washing dishes?
A: Except for bowls and plates, feeding bottles and other edible utensils can be used!

Q4. There are granules of bitter tea seeds in the detergent, can it be used for washing the baby's bottle pacifier? Will the particles wear out the plastic material of the bottle and pacifier?
A: Please don't worry, because the tea seeds and other raw materials have been ground into very fine particles in the tea seed house cleaning liquid, so as long as you wash it with normal force, it will not wear the plastic bottle and nipple. , you can use it with peace of mind.

Q5. I heard many people say that soybean powder or bitter tea powder will block the water pipe. Will the dishwashing liquid of Cha Zi Tang block the water pipe?
A: No. Unless there is an existing blockage in the water pipe. Tea Seedtang Dishwashing Liquid has ground tea seeds and other raw materials to very fine particles during manufacture, so it will not block water pipes. If the traditional powdered tea seed powder is not evenly mixed with water, or the tea seed powder is of poor quality and uneven fineness (larger particles), it is easy to agglomerate and cause blockage.

Q6. What special uses or points should I pay attention to with the dishwashing liquid?
A. When using it, please press the liquid detergent directly on the wet sponge (or on the sponge vegetable melon cloth), and rub it for a while. Slightly frothy.
- Please do not dilute. Tea Seed Hall Cleansing Liquid has been blended with tea seed powder and plant-based formula. If it is diluted with water, it will affect the foaming degree and cleaning power. - It is recommended to use a sponge or double-sided sponge vegetable melon cloth instead of a simple green vegetable melon cloth. It is mainly necessary to increase the air through the sponge to generate more foam.

Product Specifications

Product Name│ Dishwashing Liquid
Purpose│ Cleaning Dishes
Contents│ Tea Seed Powder, Green Tea Powder, Lauryl Aminopropyl Betaine, Gum Arabic, Refined Salt
Usage After kneading, with a slight foam, wipe the cleaned dishes and utensils, and then rinse with water
. Precautions│This product is made of tea seed powder. It is normal to have particles, bubbles or floating water, and you can use it with peace of mind after shaking. ;The product contains refined salt. If your hands feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it; Use about five milliliters (mL) of detergent for one liter (L) of water; Do not add water to dilute the bottle to prevent the contents from deteriorating; please avoid Contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, please rinse with water.
Preservation method│ Please store in a cool indoor place to avoid sunlight and humidity, and use up within six months after opening the
shelf life│ Three years
capacity│ 550 mL
Product size│ Length, width, height 8 x 8 x 19 (cm)
Made in Taiwan Commercial │ Jieshun Enterprise Co., Ltd.
factory name │ 99-719475-00
water, tea seed powder, lauropropyl betaine, flour, gum arabic, sanxian gum, refined salt, green tea powder, black tea powder



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