【 Product Description】
Economical and convenient environmental protection supplement package
Suitable for dyed and perm damaged hair
Tea glycosides gently remove grease and dirt, bitter tea oil deeply moisturizes hair
Mulberry Bark and Gotu Kola Root Extract can effectively nourish hair roots and make hair soft
Add bay leaf, geranium, lemongrass and other essential oils

【 Product desciption】
After dyeing and styling hair, it is easy to become dry, lose luster, and even break easily. Tea Seed Church recommends "Mulberry Skin Repairing Shampoo" which uses both bitter tea glycosides and bitter tea oil to achieve double nourishment and gentle cleansing.

Utilizing the refreshing and gentle degreasing characteristics of bitter tea glycosides to cleanse the scalp, supplemented with moisturizing bitter tea oil, nourish the hair roots and form a protective film. With the extracts of mulberry bark and Gotu Kola root, it can effectively repair damaged hair and make it beautiful. The hair is soft and not tangled, and the essential oils of bay leaf, sweet orange, and lemongrass are added to repair the hair. At the same time, the soft and elegant essential oils relax and soothe your body and mind after a busy day.

【 Product specifications】
Product Name                │ Mulberry Skin Repair Shampoo Refill Pack
Applicable hair               │ Dyed and perm damaged hair
Purpose                          │ Wash scalp and hair
Capacity                         │ 1L
Product size                   │ length, width and height 13.7 x 7.5 x 19.5 (cm)
Place of Origin               │ Taiwan