- Product Size: 160x235 cm

- Material Composition: Polypropylene fiber, wool height 10mm

- Maintenance method: Please use a vacuum cleaner to clean, please use clean water to brush

Egyptian fashion high-end carpets, the carpet surface is thick and elastic, the wool yarn is soft, it can cushion the pressure of the foot, and achieve the effect of relaxing the feet.

- Whether you are sitting or lying down, you can feel the comfort brought by the fashionable high-end carpets.

- The woolen fiber has a warming effect, is not easy to be contaminated with dust, and has the characteristics of lint-free, antistatic, water resistance, mothproof and durable and good cleaning.

- The carpet surface design adopts avant-garde and popular invincible elements, embellished with simple and neat geometric lines and color blocks, and a full sense of fashion, making the home space more tasteful and individual.

- The modern style of the fashion line is suitable for all kinds of furniture, and can be matched with Italian, Japanese or Nordic style sofas to highlight the texture and taste of the home. It is suitable to be placed in front of the sofa, under the dining table, or bedside blanket.

- The photos displayed on the website will be close to the actual product, but the color of the photo may be different from the actual product due to the light error of the photo or the screen setting. Please use the actual product as the main product.