- Natural neutrality: Adopting European Eco-cert certified natural surfactant, neutrality and mildness without irritation, easy to wash without residue

- Powerful descaling: Ultra-clean natural enzymes can penetrate deep into the fiber, thoroughly decompose stubborn stains and human protein dirt

- Fresh herbal fragrance: natural herbal fragrance, giving you a refreshing feeling

- Soft fiber formula: After washing, the fiber of the clothes naturally regains elasticity, soft and comfortable

- Does not contain toxic substances: passed the CNS2477 national inspection standard, no fluorescent agents, bleaching agents and toxic substances

- Biodegradable: Use highly biodegradable surfactants, treat the earth well, and contribute to environmental protection

- Content amount/number: 1800ml x 6pcs

- Ingredients: Proteolytic enzymes, herbal flavors, natural vegetable oils (coconut, corn, palm, etc.) surfactants: sodium lauryl ether sulfate, coco amidopropyl betaine, glucosides, emollients.

- Storage method: Please avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place.

- Precautions: 

1. Please do not use clothes that are marked "need to be dry cleaned" or "not washed" Wash clothes that are easily faded separately.

2. Please place it in a place where children cannot get it. Do not drink and avoid contact with your eyes. If you accidentally drink or contact your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention quickly.

3. People with sensitive skin or wounds, please wear gloves before using this product.