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- Brewing method
1. The amount of tea can be increased or decreased according to personal preference. The amount of tea is inversely proportional to the steeping time. The world-approved tea dosage is 3 grams of tea, poured into 150c.c of boiling water, and brewed several times.
2. This tea is best brewed with porcelain or glass tea sets. Be sure to wash the tea before making tea to avoid peculiar smells. Before putting the tea leaves, boil the tea set with boiling water to keep warm and accelerate the leaching effect of the tea set.

- Preservation method
(1) Please store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
(2) After opening, please take it as soon as possible. After taking out the tea, please seal the bag tightly and store it in the tea can to prevent the tea from getting damp and smelling
( 3) The tea cans used for storage should preferably be opaque closed containers.

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