Frame system
year 2022
Frame GIANT ALUXX aluminum alloy frame
Front fork GIANT High Carbon Steel Fork
Front shock absorber N/A
Rear shock N/A
size Single size
colour Grapefruit red, morning ash
Control system
Variable speed system
Front derailleur N/A
Rear derailleur SHIMANO
Fast farewell 8
Brake system
Transmission system
Rotation system
reference weight 24.8Kg[Include battery]


❤️Designed for Japanese models, the frame is made of aluminum alloy AULXX so that you can ride easily.
❤️Passed the national test for young children, you can ride a bicycle with your baby.
❤️Standard accessories: skirt guard net, chain guard cover, front and rear mud removal, you can also wear a skirt to ride

❤️Using Panasonic lithium batteries, manufactured by Taiwan Xinpu Technology (36V-10Ah); providing 35-40 kilometers of endurance.
❤️Equipped with GICS cadence assist intelligent system, when you step on the pedal, the motor quickly provides you with sufficient auxiliary power.
❤️The rear wheel high-efficiency brushless hub motor provides 250W rated power; you can easily overcome land bridges and steep slopes.

❤️Exquisite imitation bamboo and rattan front basket with a lid. The items can be placed in it securely and safely.

❤️Simple electronic control display, you can see the current power status at a glance.

❤️Extended and widened rear shelf, you can add child seats or place items.

❤️Provide 8 speeds, which can be used in different road conditions; even without electricity, you can ride easily.

❤️Equipped with headlights/taillights, it is safe to ride at night.

❤️The faucet holder is safe even if the basket is parked with heavy objects.

❤️Comfortable cushion, soft and fit comfortable sitting feeling.

❤️Passed the national standard test, the riding safety is guaranteed.