-Product size: length 27.5 X width 20.6 X height 15.1 (cm)
-Product weight: 3.15 kg
[Usage and cleaning method]
1. Before using for the first time, please use sponge to soak in neutral detergent, and clean the pot with clean water.
2. When cooking, please medium / low or medium / small fire cooking can be, do not use air burning fire and to avoid damage to the pot.
3. Because the cast iron pot has a strong heat conduction and quick temperature renewal effect, the height of cooking ingredients/soup should not be lower than 1/3 of the pot body, otherwise the food will burn easily.
4. Please use temperature-resistant silicone/plastic/wood tools, and do not cut food in the pot to avoid damage to the enamel surface.
5. Do not wait for the body of the pot to cool down before soaking it in water and washing it to avoid damage to the enamel layer.
6. After each use, be sure to clean and dry the pot before storing, and keep it dry.
7. It is recommended to apply a thin layer of cooking oil on the lid and edge of the pot body to prevent the cast iron from rusting.
[Precautions for use]
● Suitable for gas stove/electric stove/electric ceramic stove/induction stove/oven.
● Not suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers, and do not put it directly into the refrigerator.
● Do not use it for purposes other than cooking food.
● Do not use large fires and do not burn them empty.
● Do not use metal cooking tools to avoid scratching the surface enamel.
● When the inner white enamel is cooking, the natural dyeing produced by natural ingredients is normal, which is hygienic and safe.
● The heating source should not exceed the bottom area of ​​the pot, which can save fuel and prevent the flame from rising and blacking the pot.
● Do not use steel brushes, metal wire cleaning balls or hard vegetable cloth for cleaning, so as not to scratch the surface of the pot.
● The pots and pans are heavy in texture, please pay attention to safety when handling them.
● Please use heat-insulating gloves or heat-insulating pads to avoid burns.