NITORI Book Shelf

By Nitori
₱18,880.00 PHP

Approx. width 120 depth 35 height 150 cm

Using natural oak non-scaling material, retaining the natural solid wood feeling, it has clear and beautiful wood grain, exudes the natural gentleness of the log, the material is durable, simple and versatile, modern design style, can accompany you for a long time.

An open bookcase where items can be beautifully displayed.

- The ladder-shaped display rack can display photo frames, vases or place phones, which is practical and beautiful.

- The back is reinforced with cross bars, which gives a good sense of stability.

- First layer: width 102 × depth 30 × thickness 2.5cm
second layer: width 108 × depth 30 × thickness 2.5cm
third layer: width 114 × depth 30 × thickness 2.5cm
fourth layer: Width 120×Depth 30×Thickness 2.5cm


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