By Nitori
Color: Wood
●Elegant wood grain, enjoy the texture of hand-made style.
●The texture of natural wood shows a gentle atmosphere.

■Product Name: Synthetic Lacquer
■Outer Coating: Foam Coating
■Material: Natural Wood (Rubber Wood)

※The material is natural material, and there will be differences in patterns between individuals, which is normal.
※Hand-made products may be slightly different between individuals. Differences in size and shape.
※Please refrain from serving warm dishes, excessively flavored ingredients, and foods with excessive moisture.
※Do not place near fire sources, high temperature and high heat sources, and do not touch flames.
※Please avoid washing in water, and do not use it in a microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.
※After use and washing, please wipe dry with a soft cloth and store in a cool place.
※Please avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure, which may cause deformation and discoloration of the product.
※Do not use brushes and decontamination powder to clean, it may cause damage.
※The strong acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon can cause deterioration, fading, and extinction.