Approx. width 80 depth 43 height 136 cm

- The color matching high finishing wardrobe makes the home space more textured.
The wood grain surface printing that makes the room look full of intimacy.

- The surface and sides are laminated with scratch-resistant and stain-resistant wood grain pattern reinforced paper.

- Drawers of different sizes can assist storage.

- All drawers adopt smooth sliding rails, and the bottom drawer adopts sturdy full-open sliding rails.

- Even the items placed in the deepest part of the drawer can be seen at a glance and storage is easy and convenient.

- The top plate of the wardrobe has a thickness of 3 cm, which is thick and beautiful.
The bottom of the cabinet is 3 cm, so that the wardrobe is not easy to tip over, and the
drawer switch is safely designed so that it will not tip over even if the load is 23kg.

[Detailed size (approx.)] 
first layer (left): width 41 × depth 36 × height 14cm, the
first layer (right): width 21 × depth 36 × height 14.5cm, the
second layer (left): width 21 × depth 36 × height 14.5cm
second floor (right): width 41 × depth 36 × height 14.5cm
third to fifth floor: width 70.5 × depth 36 × height 14.5cm
sixth floor: width 70 × depth 36 × height 23.5cm

※Please open one drawer at a time. If you open multiple drawers at the same time, there is a possibility of dumping