-Approximately width 86 depth 86 height 110 cm for 1 person

- The control buttons are easily accessible, and the reclining function can be easily operated.
Double motor type, the seat back and feet can be moved separately, and the angle can be adjusted at will.
The seat surface uses high-density foam, which has high durability and is not easily deformed.
And the seat surface and legs are covered with a single piece of leather to provide better durability.
The wooden part uses walnut projecting boards with clearly visible wood grain, adding a modern atmosphere.
The back of the chair is a detachable design that is easy to carry, and it can be carried through with only 65cm door width.

■Seat height: 47cm

[Surface material and maintenance methods]
Natural leather (the part of the seat surface that often touches the skin):
Natural leather has excellent touch, and has the advantages of softness, good moisture absorption and air permeability,
and it is not easy to change due to temperature Changes and deterioration, with good cold resistance. Since it is a natural material, deterioration such as keratinization may occur without maintenance. It is
recommended to wipe and maintain it with a special leather cleaner every 4 to 5 months to prevent keratinization and deterioration of the leather and prolong the service life of the sofa.
Please avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight to prevent the leather from drying and cracking due to the sun. Synthetic leather (side and back part): PVC and PU synthetic leather, which has the advantage of strong antifouling. And the softness and durability similar to leather. Generally, light dirt can be wiped dry with a towel, cleaning and maintenance is not laborious, and the more obvious dirt can be removed with a neutral detergent.