By Nitori

Approximately width 195 depth 99 height 90 cm

[Detailed size]
■Size when flattened into a bed: about 122 width × 195 × height 41cm
■Size when folded into a sofa: about width 196 × depth 98 × height 88cm
■ seat height: about 41cm
■ foot height: about 12cm

A practical sofa bed that can be used as a bed or sofa.
The surface is made of high-strength synthetic leather that is not easy to scratch

The seat cushion is thick and can raise the back of the chair longitudinally.
The high-back design is spacious and comfortable, which can be used effectively even if the space is narrow.

- The design can be freely changed, and the body can be relaxed when reading or resting.

- The back of the chair is a 3-stage adjustment design, and the angle can be adjusted according to your preference.
The interior is filled with 4 layers of structural sponge and durable S-shaped spring, the overall elasticity is moderate, there will be no discomfort when using it, and the seat feels comfortable and stable.
The surface is made of high-strength synthetic leather [N SHIELD] that is not easy to scratch, which can reduce the scratches that are easily caused in daily life. In addition to the appearance that is not easy to deteriorate due to the passage of time, maintenance is also quite easy.

[Maintenance method]
Generally, you can wipe dry with a towel for slight dirt. Cleaning and maintenance is not laborious. The more obvious dirt can be removed with a neutral detergent.