Sunny Hills Yuzu Apple Cakes (Christmas Limited Edition) - Box of 6

₱1,050.00 PHP

A limited Christmas edition of everyone's favourite Kougyoku Apple Cake!

Glazed with Valrhona's INSPIRATION Yuzu couverture chocolate, and topped with sprinkles of lemon icing to resemble snowflakes, SunnyHills’ Yuzu Apple Cake evokes the joyful spirit of Christmas.

Mouth-watering yuzu tempts the palate before Kougyoku apple's natural sweet and tangy flavors fill your cheeks. The perfect combination and texture for the cozy and magical festive buzz.

SunnyHills' Yuzu Apple Cake is a wonderful gift to share with your loved ones at the end of the year. Enjoy a merry taste of sunshine this Christmas.


Ingredients and Nutritional Information:

Ingredients: Apple, Flour, Butter, Sugar, Yuzu Cocoa Butter, Eggs, Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Cheese Powder, Water, Lemon Juice, Cocoa Butter, Salt

Serving Size: 45g (each piece)

Nutrition Information (per serving): Calories 189kcal, Protein 1.6g, Total Fat 8.1g (Saturated Fat 5.6g, Trans Fat 0.0g), Total Carbohydrate 28.3g (Dietary Fiber 1.0g, Suger 16.8g), Sodium 31mg

Product contains gluten (wheat flour), eggs, dairy products and sunflower lecithin.


Ingredients and Shelf Life

Best Before : 1 month

This product contains cocoa butter. Please store cakes in a cool (below 30 deg) and dry place away from direct sunlight


Special Info / FAQ

Are there yuzu in the product?
The Japanese Yuzu are freeze-dried into powder and used in the manufacture of the chocolate coating. There is no yuzu in the fillings.

Where are the yuzu from?
They are from Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan

How is the color achieved if there are no artificial additives or colouring?
The yuzu couverture (chocolate) is developed using Valrhona’s R&D expertise. The crystalline component of cocoa butter is stabilised to give it a natural gloss. This can only be achieved with cocoa of high enough purity.

Can I toast the Yuzu Apple Cake?
We do not recommend toasting it as the yuzu couverture (chocolate) may melt.

Will the Yuzu Couverture (chocolate) melt before I reach home?
It will start to melt at around 30 degrees. Try to avoid exposing it to heat while on the way home. It should be fine in air-conditioned places.

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