Let's Practice! Writing Chinese Characters with Idioms Vol. 2.2 (128 pages)


This book uses pictures and vernacular translations to make the classics in ancient texts vivid and easy to understand. Combined with the practice writing style, you can practice calligraphy while reciting, not only can increase the memory of recitation, but also practice writing good calligraphy in one hand, and re-experience the wisdom of five thousand years of Chinese culture.

Great Features:
* 180 degree fully flattened patent
The intimate 180-degree patent can be spread out evenly, allowing you to write more smoothly and without hindrance.
* All-round learning, readable, writable and memorized
The original text, translation and writing style can make you more clear about the meaning of the scriptures when reading and reciting; with handwriting, through the practice of fingers, it can deepen the memory of the brain and enhance the ability to memorize.
* More in-depth practice of calligraphy
The writing grid is attached with [radical], [total strokes], [stroke order], allowing you to recognize and study characters more completely while writing.
* Full text phonetic, easier to read and recite
* 100 lbs full color printing on Dowling paper
Selected 100 lb Dowling paper, ivory white, natural and soft color, not easy to yellow and not easy to reflect glare; good ink absorption, even and smooth paper surface, allowing you to write more smoothly.

◆ Practice writing all kinds of hard pens, the best templates for pencils, ballpoint pens, and fountain pens