LAO MA DRY NOODLES Dan Dan Noodles (4 packs)

- Mom's Noodles-Dan Dan Noodles (129g x 4 packets)
★ The first place in Taiwan's quick-cooked noodles in 2018★
★ The first place in Taiwan's quick-cooked noodles in
★ In 2017, it was shortlisted in the top 10 quick-cooked noodles in the world★

─ Smooth noodles with a smooth texture, not chewy
─ Hand-made chili Red spicy oil, rich fragrant hemp
─ rich sesame sauce, full of fragrance
- Ingredients:
Chili oil package-canola oil, chili powder, pepper. Soy sauce bag-soy sauce sesame sauce bag-white sesame, canola oil. Seasoning powder package-garlic crisp,: fresh chicken flavor seasoning (sodium L-glutamate, disodium 5-hypoxanthine nucleotide, disodium 5-guanine nucleotide, disodium succinate), salt (including potassium iodate) ), lactose, chicken flavor, maltodextrin, chicken powder (chicken extract, dextrin, salt, mixed concentrated tocopherol (antioxidant)), sugar, pepper
- Allergen Information: This product contains wheat, soy, and sesame ingredients