Yuan Lin Black Gold Grass Jelly (540g)


Shimmering Black Gold, grass jelly, a traditional snack in Taiwan.

Based on more than 100 years of experience and inheritance, Yuanlin Foodstuffs uses the wisdom of ancestors and a central factory that meets modern hygienic conditions. After several hours of extraction, the grass jelly is boiled into essence.
High temperature and high pressure packaging is used to ensure that it does not contain preservatives. Adhering to the centuries-old production method, it is rich in colloids and has stable quality of grass jelly juice.

Grass jelly: ready-to-eat, most suitable for summer afternoon snacks, add a little milk, honey, or mix with milk tea as grass jelly, low-calorie, delicious and healthy. Suitable for small family or sharing with 3~5 people.

Product contents and specifications
Product name: Grass jelly
Contents ingredients: Grass jelly juice (water, dried grass jelly, wheat starch, sodium carbonate), sugar
Content content: 540 grams
Allergen labeling: This product contains wheat starch
Shelf life: 2 years
date: According to the label on the can body
Origin: Taiwan
Manufacturer name: Yuanlin Food Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer phone number: 04-8353111
Manufacturer address: No. 102, Lane 543, Darao Road, Yuanlin City, Changhua County