ON HAND: WEIDAN Wintermelon Tea 560ml (Pack of 4)

By Weidan
- Commodity description
is a cool summer drink that has been circulated by the people for a long time. It has the function of reducing heat and reducing fire.
Weidan is cooked in accordance with the ancient method. With the golden ratio of winter melon, super sugar, and water, it takes more than five and a half hours to boil, and finally uses modern food processing technology to preserve the deliciousness of winter melon tea. It is by no means comparable to other commercially available canned beverages.
Its taste is sweet and mellow, and its color is golden and transparent. Drink beauty and beauty.

- Product specifications:
560ml/bottle x 4 bottles/group

- Nutrition label
100ml˙calories------------30 calories˙protein
grams˙ 0 grams fat ------------
˙ ------------ 7.5 grams of carbohydrates
˙ ------------ 4.6 mg of sodium
nutritional labeling If there is a slight difference between the data and the package, the actual package will prevail.

- Storage period:
12 months

- Production country