RIFT VALLET Premium No. 9 white rice (9 kg)


- This variety is an excellent tasting variety selected by the Taichung Improvement Farm. In order to ensure the pure quality, the self-cultivation Taigen No. 9 Ecological Farm Taitung's natural high-quality rice production area is adopted. The abundant water source and rich minerals are extremely beneficial to the growth of rice cultivation. Rice planting area

- The rice variety selection concept of "Suitable for planting" brings out the characteristics of rice quality, and the taste is excellent.

- "Won the title of champion rice in Taitung Chishang competition" is a kind of rice that is very suitable for ordinary families.

- Meet the CNS first-class meter standard

- Commodity weight: 9 kg

- Product size: Rice bag length: 54 cm width: 35 cm

- Ingredient: White rice