Starbucks Taiwan x MIIR™ Summer Blooms 2023 Limited Edition Mint and Lavender Gradient Stainless Steel Tumbler (295ml)


Material: cup body-AISI304 stainless steel; cup lid-modified PCT (Tritan), polypropylene (PP), sealing ring-silicone (Silicone)
Heat-resistant temperature: 95 degrees C

1. When serving hot drinks, please drink carefully to avoid scalding.
2. Please hand wash, not suitable for microwave ovens, washing (drying) dishwashers. Do not freeze. Do not immerse in water.
3. Do not hold dairy or fruit juice drinks for a long time. Do not serve carbonated beverages.
4. The sliding piece on the lid is not detachable, please pay special attention.
5. The lid of this product is designed to be spill-proof and cannot be completely leak-proof, please use it with care.

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