Basic Mandarin Vocabulary Writing Flash Cards: Shopping Street Theme ㄅㄆㄇ識寫圖卡

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The design of this set of picture cards strengthens the correct pairing of opposite words through specific situations and practical hands-on operations.
It contains detailed structure and ingenuity, from graded learning to fun games, all in one box.
Accompany your child to build a rich opposite vocabulary, and use it more flexibly!

Three-stage literacy and reading x situational spelling

▍Product features: a set of picture cards, a variety of training
There are 26 large-scale situational puzzles, pairing opposite concepts
The abstract is turned into concrete, and the lines of the protagonist present a clear contrast

Are 52 Chinese characters, three-stage literacy and reading
It was compiled by the Ministry of Education "National Character Standard Font Stroke Order Learning Network"
N times of practice, large character demonstration including stroke order
Are standard cross, faded red to adapt to the requirements of primary school early
When you talk about it, look at the guide, and the oral expression is more complete
The picture card contains a hanging hole, and you can bring your own buckle to carry it.

▍Introduction to the contents
54 double-sided full-color picture cards
Sheet size 14*12.5cm
※Please write with your own water-based pen※

▍Three game modes: How to play?
1. Opposite word pairing
Observe the situation and correctly spell out the complete picture. Reinforce opposite abstract concepts and recognize Chinese characters.
2. Little screenwriter
Assign character lines and use opposite words to describe the situation. Get creative and tell a great story.
3. Story Solitaire Challenge
Draw cards with opposite words at random, and challenge to connect different plots and story development.

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