BIORE Cleansing Body Wash Passionate Hibiscus Fragrance Oil Control Refreshing Refill Pack 700ml

By Biore

Biore Honey Cleansing Body Wash Enthusiastic Hibiscus Flower Fragrance Oil Control Refreshing Refill Pack 700g

Allows you to achieve cleanliness and softness in the fragrance dance

  • Enthusiastic and energetic hibiscus fragrance, feel the unrestrained joy of summer, relieve the tiredness of the day, and relax the body and mind without burden
  • Added tea tree extract, the skin is refreshed and not oily after washing, cleansed, comfortable and not sticky
  • Newly upgraded Japanese skin cleansing and water-locking technology, and added natural moisturizing factor (NMF)*, replenishes moisture and quickly locks key water, improving skin's water retention              
  • Japan's innovative research and development of "Mineral Source Gentle Cleansing Formula", ultra-fine water-retaining bubbles gently cleanse sebum and dirt, clean and refreshing, not sticky, easy to clean without residue

Origin: Taiwan

Shelf life: 36 months