BIORE Cleansing Body Wash Rich Purple Iris Fragrance 1000ml

By Biore

Biore Minnie Cleansing Body Wash Fragrant Purple Iris Fragrance 1000g

  • Allows you to achieve cleanliness and softness in the fragrance dance
  • Gorgeous and rich iris fragrance, feel the gorgeous beauty of blooming in the sun, relieve the tiredness of the day, and relax the body and mind without burden
  • Added shea butter, the skin is soft and delicate after washing, and it shines, moisturizes and shines
  • Newly upgraded Japanese skin cleansing and water-locking technology, and added natural moisturizing factor (NMF)*, replenishes moisture and quickly locks key water, improving skin's water retention              
  • Japan's innovative research and development of "Mineral Source Gentle Cleansing Formula", ultra-fine water-retaining bubbles gently cleanse sebum and dirt, clean and refreshing, not sticky, easy to clean without residue
  • *Sodium PCA

Origin: Taiwan

Shelf life: 36 months