Biore Elegant Floral Fragrance Body Gel Wash - Disney Rapunzel Limited Edition (540ml)

By Biore

Experience luxurious bathing with Biore's Elegant Floral Fragrance Bath Mousse. Its advanced Japanese formula offers 5.2 million fine micron bubbles that are gentle on skin, removing deeply embedded dirt and protecting skin moisturizing ingredients.

This ultra-soft mousse is enriched with nourishing amino acid ingredients, leaving your skin soft and nourished while staying pH balanced.

Shelf life: 36 months

◆ When the skin has wounds, eczema and other abnormalities, please do not use it
◆ If the skin has redness, itching, irritation and other abnormal phenomena during use, please stop using it immediately and go to the dermatology department
◆ If you accidentally enter the eye, please immediately rinse with a large amount of water
◆ This content liquid is not a drink, please do not drink it.
Storage method: Please put it in a place that is not easy to access for infants and children and people with dementia, and please put it in a cool indoor shade to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.
◆ Press the head and the side of the bottle with identification marks as bath lotion