Black Bridge Pork Floss with Seaweed (270g)

₱880.00 ₱945.00

Black Bridge pork floss uses high-quality pork fibers with premium ingredients.

Sprinkle fish crisps directly on rice, porridge, or sandwich bread, steamed bread, toast or sushi.


  • Product Name: Fried Pork Fibers with Seaweeds
  • Net weight: 270g
  • Contents: pork leg meat, sugar, licorice water (water, licorice), salt, soy sauce (including soybeans, wheat), meric (sucrose, glutinous rice), lard, flour (including wheat), seaweed, sesame
  • (Allergen: This product contains sesame, soybeans and wheat products)
  • Origin: Taiwan

1. This product does not contain preservatives. Please eat it as soon as possible after opening. If there is any residue, please seal it to keep it delicious.

2. If the phenomenon of crisping occurs, please put the seaweed meat on a plate, put it in the oven and bake it on a slow fire for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Suggested eating method: Sprinkle seaweed crispy directly on rice and porridge, or you can pick up bread, steamed buns, toast or sushi.

◆Ory of origin (country): Taiwan

◆ Origin of pork (fat) (country): Taiwan

◆This product is shipped at room temperature

◆Storage conditions and period (referring to unopened): room temperature for one year, avoid placing it in wet, high temperature and sun-dated places

◆Effective date: Please see the bottom label of the can (year/month/day)

◆ Based on the consumer's acceptance date, at least 180 days before the effective date