Bopomofo Study Flash Cards ㄅㄆㄇ識字學習卡


ㄅㄆㄇ Literacy Learning Card" is a phonetic symbol chart specially designed for preschool children. It is designed according to the standard stroke order of phonetic symbols announced by the Ministry of Education, which can help children understand phonetic symbols.
★The card surface is printed with special varnish, and the front and back sides can be used by children to paint repeatedly with water-based pens.
★The phonetic symbol stroke order on the front of the card can guide children to use their fingers to practice, and common items in daily life are also added below to strengthen children's vocabulary and cognitive ability.
★The dotted line on the picture on the back of the card can help children practice their brushstrokes, and the pictures can also allow children to develop their creativity and color.
★The phonetic symbols on the front of the card, and the rhyme symbols of the sound symbols are designed with color separation, which is very suitable for teaching guidance.
●Contents Card size: 10.2cmX14.5cm Number of cards: all 36

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