Bopomofo Writing Flash Cards ㄅㄆㄇ識寫圖卡


● Introduction
Literacy, writing and reading are all satisfied! Standard demonstration, sound and rhyme characters change color are the same as Kangxuan teaching system.
Gradual fading red: A small reminder to read and write to ensure the focus of writing.
Are extension of learning Chinese characters: 170up daily life Chinese character vocabulary expansion.
A large situational game: Use picture cards to combine a super-long store street scene.
The theme of the store, the owner, the customer and the product are closely linked with the phonetic symbols, and there is a learning level in the fun.
The picture card contains a hanging hole, and you can bring your own buckle to carry it.

▍Introduction to the contents
Double-sided full-color picture card
Sheet size 14*12.5cm
※Please write with your own water-based pen※

▍Three game modes: How to play?
1. Look for it: The little detective has good eyesight.
2. String by string: Super long shopping street.
3. Talk about it: Look at the pictures and make up sentences to make up a story.
●Profile of publishing company
Xiaokangxuan Home Education Team
Xiaokangxuan has been deeply involved in early childhood education for many years. At the beginning, it mainly developed teaching materials, teaching aids and various products for children aged 0-6 years, providing high-quality learning products for kindergarten children and teachers. It is the first brand of early childhood education in Taiwan. We not only attach importance to education in kindergartens, but also pay attention to family education, hoping to provide more families with products suitable for young children, as a medium for parent-child communication, and to improve the quality of family education.