Captain Danny Pop Pop Rice - Arabica Coffee (100g)


Everyone has eaten popcorn, but have you ever eaten pop rice?

Instead of traditional oil-popped corn kernels, Captain Danny uses soft and fluffy Taiwanese rice, creating a healthier alternative to popcorn 

- Made with the best-quality fragrant rice harvested from Yilan County in Taiwan
- Not fried and does not stick to the teeth

Evolved into a taste that is popular all over the world
Enjoy the aroma of rice crackers and the crispy texture of popcorn in one bite!

🍿☕️ Captain Danny coffee rice pops uses arabica coffee beans with a complex blend of bitterness, sweetness, aroma, and depth. It begins with a bitter taste that fades into sweetness before finishing with a lingering aftertaste. It is brewed into espresso coffee which captures the rich flavor of traditional Italian coffee. It is not just bitter, but also has hints of rounded nuttiness and deep chocolate, creating a sophisticated flavor that only a true connoisseur can appreciate. Roasted to perfection, this medium-dark blend has a smooth and creamy taste that reminds you of caramelized sugar and butter.

This product is lacto-vegetarian.

Shelf life: 8 months

Net weight: 100g


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