Captain Danny Pop Pop Rice - Strawberry Condensed Milk (100g)


Everyone has eaten popcorn, but have you ever eaten rice pops?

Instead of traditional oil-popped corn kernels, Captain Danny uses soft and fluffy Taiwanese rice, creating a healthier alternative to popcorn 

- Made with the best-quality fragrant rice harvested from Yilan County in Taiwan
- Not fried and does not stick to the teeth

Evolved into a taste that is popular all over the world
Enjoy the aroma of rice crackers and the crispy texture of popcorn in one bite!

 🍿️ Captain Danny's signature pop rice combined with the savory flavor of onions creates a multi-layered and satisfying crunch. The classic American taste of sour cream, flavorful onions, rice pops is both tart and sweet, leaving a memorable impression on your taste buds. 

This product is Lacto-vegetarian

Shelf life: 7 months