Captain Danny Rice Pops - Corn Soup (100g)


✔ Top 3 Captain Danny rice pops flavor

✔ Reminiscent of corn flavored snacks from one's childhood days

✔ Salty, sweet and salty

✔ Lacto-ovo vegetarian

Captain Danny uses soft and fluffy Taiwanese rice, creating a healthier alternative to popcorn.

- Made with the best-quality fragrant rice harvested from Yilan County in Taiwan
- Not fried and does not stick to the teeth

Evolved into a taste that is popular all over the world.
Enjoy the aroma of rice crackers and the crispy texture of popcorn in one bite!

Captain Danny Rice Pops are the perfect balance of salty and sweet – Simmered for hours on slow fire, hand-stirred, and sieved for a silky texture, these pops offer unforgettable flavor - complete with a hint of burnt aroma. Satisfy your cravings for something salty and sweet 🍿

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