CHA TZU TANG Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaf Purifying Hand Wash 330ml


Stress in life can drive you restless and agitated. Release your clenched fist, allow clean water to flow through your finger tips and you will return to peace and calm.

Cha Tzu Tang’s Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaf Purifying Hand Wash takes tea saponins’ degreasing purifying feature, adds hydrosols made from Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaves to first balance out the oils on the skin surface, followed by Scentless Chamomile extracts to soothe the skin and finishes up with deep nourishment by camellia oils and Argan oils. Our careful layering of each ingredient is to give the skin best pampering and a clean, pleasantly refreshing feel after the wash. Our natural herbal essential oils made from lavender, sweet orange and coriander seeds will transpose you to a summer forest full of fresh air while you wash your hands.
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