CHA TZU TANG Comfrey Oil Control Shampoo Refill 1L


【 Product Description】
Economical and convenient environmental protection supplement package
Suitable for oily and oily scalp
Kucha glycosides gently remove grease and dirt
Added comfrey and sagebrush extract to keep the scalp healthy
Add vetiver, bergamot, eucalyptus and other essential oils

【 Product desciption】
Due to different reasons such as physique, living environment, stress, etc., the scalp's oil and water are out of balance. Excessive oily scalp can make people feel thick, sticky, heavy, and suffocating.

For oily scalp, or those who occasionally want to deep cleanse. Tea Seed Church recommends the "comfrey oil-control shampoo" that can balance oil secretion and gently cleanse. The natural bitter tea glycosides extracted from bitter tea seeds can gently remove oil and greasiness, and the comfrey extract can moisturize and soothe Scalp discomfort, restore scalp health; vetiver, bergamot, eucalyptus, effectively control the secretion of scalp oil and improve oil-water balance; clean greasy, get rid of the troubles of death, in exchange for a worry-free and refreshing.

【 Product specifications】

Product Name                     │ Lithospermum Oil Control Shampoo Refill Pack
Applicable hair                    │ Oily and oily scalp
Purpose                               │ Wash scalp and hair
Capacity                              │ 1L
Product size                        │ length, width and height 13.7 x 7.5 x 19.5 (cm)
Place of Origin                    │ Taiwan

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