CHA TZU TANG Camellia Seed Dishwashing Liquid Refill Pack (1L)


CHA TZU TANG's Camellia Seed Dishwashing Liquid combines tea seed powder, gum arabic, refined salt and other ingredients. The
mild ingredients do not irritate the hands, making washing dishes a new Life Movement!

- Effective cleaning power, can remove grease and vegetable stains from dishes-
Gentle formula, hands will not dry after washing-
Easy to use, save dosage, does not block water pipes


Product Description
Economical and convenient eco-friendly refill pack

Kuchaoside has excellent cleaning power and can remove oily and vegetable stains from dishes

Environmentally friendly ingredients with high biodegradability

It is easy to use, saves the dosage, and does not block the water pipe

After three full meals a day, one has to entangle with cutlery and dishes before giving up, and the foam residue created in this melee often hides many hidden worries and threats.
CHA TZU TANG's dishwashing liquid has a simple and gentle texture, allows the dark brown tea seed particles to gently remove greasy, and the remaining water after washing does not block the water pipes, and can return to the earth without any burden, with the most suitable Ways to protect the health of your hands and family members, heavy and hard housework can also be gentle and considerate.

Product Specifications
Product Name: Dishwashing Liquid Refill Pack
Purpose: Cleaning Dishes
Contains: Tea Seed Powder, Green Tea Powder, Lauroyl Betaine, Gum Arabic, Refined Salt
Usage: Slightly rub it on top, and after it foams slightly, wipe the cleaned dishes and utensils, and then rinse with water
Precautions: This product is made of tea seed powder. It is normal to have particles, bubbles or floating water. Shake well. Safe to use; the product contains refined salt ingredients, if your hands feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it; use about five milliliters (mL) of detergent for one liter (L) of water; do not add water to dilute the bottle to prevent the contents from deteriorating; Please avoid contact with eyes. If you accidentally contact your eyes , please rinse with water

Width and height 13.7 x 7.5 x 19.5 (cm)

Origin: Taiwan

Manufacturer: Jieshun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Factory number: 99-719475-00

Ingredients: water, tea seed powder, lauropropyl betaine, flour, arabic Gum, Sanxian Gum, Refined Salt, Green Tea Powder, Black Tea Powder INGREDIENTS: AQUA (WATER), TEA SEED POWDER, LAURAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, FLOUR, GUM ARABIC, XANTHAM GUM, REFINED SALT, GREEN TEA POWDER, BLACK TEA POWDER MADE IN TAIWAN



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