CHA TZU TANG Robkastanie Moisturizing Hand Wash Refill 1L


【 Product Description】
Economical and convenient environmental protection supplement package
Moisturizing Hand Wash
Tea glycosides gently remove grease and dirt
Bitter tea oil and wheat germ oil deeply moisturize the skin of hands
Horse chestnut extract is soft and cleansing
Add lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, vetiver essential oil

【 Product desciption】
Worrying about trivial matters day and night, we all hope that we can always keep refreshed, regardless of our hands and mood.

Tea Seed Tang "Robkastanie Moisturizing Hand Wash" uses bitter tea glycosides to remove oil and cleansing properties, supplemented with bitter tea oil and wheat germ oil, which are rich in vitamin E, which has a moisturizing effect. Horse chestnut extract can soften and clean hands. Adding vetiver essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, and lavender essential oil can relax and soothe you, allowing you to cleanse your hands and get a comfortable and moisturizing experience when the water is flowing through your hands when your thoughts are upset.

【 Product specifications】
Product Name              │ Robkastanie Moisturizing Hand Wash Refill Pack
Applicable skin type     │ normal skin type
How to use                   │ Pour an appropriate amount of hand washing lotion on your                                           hands, rub evenly to foam, and then rinse with water
Usage                           │ Wash hands
Capacity                       │ 1L
Product size                 │ length, width and height 13.7 x 7.5 x 19.5 (cm)
Place of Origin             │ Taiwan

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