Chen Yan Pao Chuan sun cakes (Box of 10)


Crafted with passion and expertise passed down through four generations, traditional Taiwanese sun cakes are elevated by the artistic pastry skills of Chen Yuhong, who learned his craft in Japan.

Using the finest ingredients and a unique, multi-layered recipe low in sugar, each sun cake is lovingly handmade and topped with a creamy finish. This recipe has earned Chen Yun Pao Chuan sun cakes the prestigious "Golden Word of Mouth Award" in Taichung.

Ingredients: New Zealand natural cream, trehalose, maltose, special grade sugar, high-grade flour

Shelf life: 45 days at room temperature

Specifications: 10 pcs

Net weight: 38g±5% / piece

Best Before: as shown on the package (year/month/day)

Storage: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening

Place of Origin: Taiwan

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