Chinese Characters with Strokes Preschool Exercise Book


This activity book is recommended for preschool children. It is developed according to textbook standards, pioneering the split practice of Chinese characters.

Chinese characters with strokes: From learning to writing, the intention of this book is hidden in the details.

Open Xiaokangxuan's "Stroke Chinese Characters" exercise book, which contains 28 basic strokes, seven types of stroke order combinations, a total of 76 Chinese characters to learn and write. The following ingenious ideas help children write more correctly and absorb more efficiently:
(1) Two types of standard demonstration characters: italic printing + actual pencil writing, the design is consistent with the elementary school textbooks.
(2) Familiarize yourself with the way of moving the brush from the illustrations, and then combine the strokes to understand the structure of the Chinese characters.
(3) Overthrow the simple strokes and practice writing, and directly simulate in the national characters to establish a writing structure.
(4) The cross grid is 2x2cm, adapting to the requirements of primary schools in advance, the weight is moderate, and the refinement does not seek too much.
(5) Large hand-painted pictures with texture, add interest and aesthetic experience, and extend the cognition of basic new words.
(6) Combination of stroke order in seven categories to recognize and write Chinese characters, step by step.
(7) A learning board with the same theme is given, and it is written repeatedly with a water-based pen.

★Highlight 1: Intuitively understand the structure of Chinese characters!
Overturning the common practice of repeating a single stroke, it is the first to dismantle the description of Chinese characters, and the structure is in place in one step.
A learning board with the same theme is provided, which can be written repeatedly with a water-based pen.

★Strong highlight 2: Illustration→Stroke→Text, progressive strokes!
Includes printed italics demonstrations and actual pencil writing for easy conversion.
The research and development context is derived from the textbook system, guaranteed by 30 years of Kangxuan experience.
The standard demonstration and writing grid is 2x2cm, which is closely aligned with the elementary school.

★ Strong highlights 3: more convenience and more!
Flip left and right to spread evenly. Unlike bookbinding, the writing posture is the most comfortable.
Good correction, zero threshold. Learn to write key reminders, and the results can be easily checked.
One page a day is not stuck. Time collation function, no burden to manage progress.

The exercise book is dazzling? Let Kang Xuan's majors accompany your children to go to school with peace of mind.
Graduation from kindergarten to the beginning of elementary school is a very crucial golden period for the connection between young and elementary schools. Faced with a large amount of new knowledge, those who start early to cultivate relevant abilities will be able to master a stable learning rhythm in the future.
Although there are plenty of exercise book topics in the market, some of the content is loose, the writing format has not been changed for many years, and there is no overall learning context. This series is a brand-new research and development, the first exercise book compiled according to the textbook standard. It is derived from the high-quality structure that Kang Xuan has cultivated for many years, so that parents with zero parenting experience can easily lead them and effectively help children adapt to the primary school system.
The whole series covers phonetic, Mandarin, English, mathematics and other fields. It is suitable for winter and summer vacations, and one practice a day. You can also review and remediate your progress after class. Hierarchical design integrates delicate learning levels into each page.
In addition, the "Focus Time" functional area is planned on each page, which is convenient for adults to manage and allocate progress, and children can concentrate on completing tasks, and invisibly develop the important habit of "remember to write names". 20 minutes a day, master the key, and enter the school with peace of mind.

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