Aykasa Storage Crate - Small - Set of 3 - Neutrals

By Coloré

Spruce and organize your space in vivid color with COLORÉ Crates. 

COLORÉ Crates are multifunctional storage boxes in a wide range of vibrant and modern colors. With its ventilated and industrial design, it adds personality to wherever you display it in your space.

Stackable and foldable, these crates have endless possibilities for storage and display in your home.

COLORÉ crates are food-grade and meets international quality standards.

100% recyclable.


Aykasa Mini Box - Almond Green x 1
Aykasa Mini Box - Warm Taupe x 1
Aykasa Mini Box - Salmon x 1


Use to store:

- toys

- fruit and vegetables

- art materials

- clothing

- baby essentials

- shoes

- books and papers

- accessories and trinkets

- toiletries and cosmetics



S / L26.5 x W17 x H10.5 cm
M / L40 x W30 x H14.5 cm
L / L60 x W40 x H22 cm



PP5 recycled plastic


ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS18001 / ISO 22000

US FDA food grade 

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