Happy&Healthy | Taiwan-made Stainless Steel Chopsticks – Sandstone

  • Made of "Japanese SPS food grade resin" and "Taiwan 304 stainless steel"
  • Passed SGS inspection
  • Professional masters carefully develop, polish and trim them
  • Slip-free grip
  • A great choice for gift-giving and personal use
Place of manufacture: Taiwan
Color: Black
Size: 24.2cm
Weight: 23g
Material: Taiwan 304 stainless steel, Japan SPS resin
Chopstick handle heat resistance: 250 degrees

① Suitable for dishwashers and dish dryers. Hand washing and natural drying can extend the life of the product.
② Do not approach fire sources, and do not place it in a microwave or oven.
③ Do not use it as a knife and fork to cut food, as it may cause breakage.

① Use a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent for cleaning. It is not recommended to use vegetable cloth, which will cause scratches and lose the original mirror luster.
② If you use a vegetable cloth containing "emery" to scrub, the metal surface material will be brushed off, and black matter will be produced. If this happens, just use a sponge to clean it.
③ If there is black oil, wipe it with vinegar or cooking oil and then clean it before use.