HATAI Potato chips slim 20g

By Hatai

- The baking method is not greasy.

- The taste is refreshing and crisp.

- The baked potatoes become pancakes that are only 2.2mm thin.

- The easy-to-access size allows everyone to enjoy its deliciousness.

- Commodity weight: 1200 grams (60packs/box)

- Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, steamed potatoes, roasted ghee (palm oil, tallow), starch processed products [cassava starch, maltodextrin, quality improver (maltitol)], barbecue seasoning powder [sugar, soy protein hydrolysate , Milk fat powder, soy sauce powder (soybean, wheat, salt), quality improver (silica dioxide), 5'-guanosine phosphate disodium, 5'-inosine phosphate disodium, barbecue spice], Mixed powder (potato flour, corn starch, sugar, salt, whey powder), compound additives (potato flavor, lactose, dextrose, vanilla aldehyde, potato starch, ethyl maltol), garlic flavoring (glucose) , Garlic powder, yeast extract, fragrance), bulking agent (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), salt, fatty acid glyceride, seasoning (yeast extract, protein enzyme, rapeseed oil, dextrin), dihydrogen phosphate Calcium, enzyme preparations (glycerin, water, aspartame), flavor oil (palm oil, sunflower oil, potato flavor), coloring agent (β-carotene).