Hi-Walk 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Egg Rolls (8 pcs)

By Hi-Walk


Dark Chocolate Filled Egg Rolls offers a unique twist on the classic egg roll snack.

Hi-Walks Dark Chocolate Filled Egg Rolls feature a carefully selected 70% chocolate, filling the egg rolls with a luxurious double chocolate center.

Each egg roll is handcrafted with care, giving each roll its signature rich texture and crunch. The exquisite gold foil box design adds an elegant touch, making these treats a perfect gift or a special treat for yourself.

Taste bittersweet and mellow flavors in each bite. The richness of the dark chocolate filling is complemented by the delicate egg roll outer crust.

For a better experience, simply heat the egg rolls in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.

✅ Handmade

✅ Lacto-ovo vegetarian

✅ No added preservatives

Contents: 4 packs in a box (2 sticks in 1 pack/8 sticks in total)
Origin: Taiwan
Production method: handmade
Expiry date: 3-4 weeks upon delivery

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