Hi-Walk Peanut Egg Rolls (8 pcs)

By Hi-Walk

Discover Hi-Walk Egg Rolls, the ultimate snack sensation! Handmade with love, these delectable treats are perfect for vegetarians and contain no added preservatives.

What sets Hi-Walk Egg Rolls apart? They're the only egg rolls in Taiwan with a natural peanut filling! Made with premium ingredients like washed eggs and pure New Zealand Anja cream, they're baked to a golden crisp at 200 degrees. The crust is coated with freshly ground peanuts from Beigang, Taiwan, giving each bite an irresistible aroma.

Hi-Walk Egg Rolls: the perfect blend of craftsmanship and flavor. Try them today and experience Taiwan's finest egg rolls.

✅ Handmade: Crafted with love and care, each Hi-Walk Egg Roll is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring top-notch quality.

✅ Lacto-ovo vegetarian: Calling all vegetarians! You can enjoy Hi-Walk Egg Rolls guilt-free, as they are made without any meat or fish products.

✅ No added preservatives: We believe in keeping things natural. That's why Hi-Walk Egg Rolls are free from any artificial preservatives.

Contents: 4 packs in a box (2 sticks in 1 pack/8 sticks in total)
Origin: Taiwan
Production method: handmade
Expiry date: 3-4 weeks upon delivery