HOHOCHA Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (less sugar) - 490ml - Set of 6


Hongyu Black Tea - Taiwan Tea No. 18 (with sugar )

Hongyu is also known as Taiwan Tea No. 18. The tea soup is elegant and golden red. The tea fragrance has a faint mint and cinnamon fragrance. , Ruby is a very unique variety.

In order to provide consumers with safe purchasing services, this product uses a one-stop production system to achieve stable product supply. From tea planting to commodity packaging, each product is made through:

※SGS food hygiene, pesticide inspection and certification

※Verification of the production and sales of agricultural products of Zhongxing University

※Nantou County Yuchi Township Office Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Origin Certification Mark

※ISO22000 food safety verification

※HACCP verification standard

Specifications︱490ML/bottle*24 (1 box)

Place of Origin: Yuchi Township, Nantou, Taiwan

Preservation method︱Avoid moisture and sunlight

Producer︱Taiwan Xiangriyuetan Black Tea Factory Co., Ltd.

Counseling Unit︱Agricultural Committee Tea Industry Improvement Field

Certification unit︱Zhongxing University production and sales resume, Yuchi Township Office Origin Certification

Shelf life︱One year