I can speak with ㄅㄆㄇ: Touch and Learn Zhuyin


Common worries of a child's parent in terms of Chinese language learning include:

How can my child connect to the Chinese language?
My child can't tell the difference between ㄥ and ㄣ, second and third tones, what should I do?
Is my child's Mandarin pronunciation correct?
A "listening, speaking, reading, and writing" point-reading phonetic book can help you solve these problems!

Book Features
Zhuyin is the first hurdle for children to face systematic learning. Under Taiwan's current 108 syllabus of the national language education system, children must first learn to correctly pronounce, spell and write phonetic symbols, and use phonetic symbols to assist in literacy Therefore, phonetics is the basis for children to learn Mandarin, and it is also a necessary ability for children to enter primary school. Parents are beginning to worry about whether their children will be able to connect to primary school Mandarin courses. If you have these doubts, "I'll Follow You" is a set of systematic textbooks that can help your children learn phonetics correctly.

Standard Mandarin pronunciation: A professional recording engineer's voice in Taiwan is used in the book's audio recordings, so that children can hear the most accurate and clear pronunciation.

Recording and reading function: It has the function of recording, allowing children to practice reading and reading, and say the most correct pronunciation.

Quiz questions on each page: Each page has a listening quiz that spells the phonetic sounds heard into words, so you can easily learn basic words while having fun.

Interactive Pinyin Game: There is a Pinyin game on the last page, read the words included in the book, and guide the child to spell the correct phonetic. In addition to checking the child's learning results, it also deepens the child's impression.

❤ Thoughtful design, safety first ❤
The rounded corners of the book are designed for children to use safely without fear of cutting their hands.
Three-stage sleep power saving function, 30 seconds to remind children "Come and learn phonetic symbols!", 1 minute
Remind "Children, are you still there?", 2 minutes "Learning is over! See you next time!" to turn off the book.

- Waterproof

- Enclosed battery compartment

- Three volume levels