I-Mei Pork Floss for Kids (170g)

By I-Mei

i-Mei Pork Floss for Kids is a healthy and delicious seasoning that your little ones will love – its reduced sodium and low-sugar recipe is lightly seasoned and made with nutritious spinach and purple sweet potato slices.

Perfect for babies over 1 year old, our floss contains no artificial additives like soybean powder, preservatives or antioxidants.

Keep your kids happy and healthy with i-Mei Pork Floss for Kids!

Pork, sunflower oil, cane sugar, brewed soy sauce, purple sweet potato, spinach
Internal volume 170g
Origin of raw materials of edible parts of pigs (country) Taiwan
Origin (country) Taiwan
Shelf life 270 days
Trade Names Yimei Food_Nankan Factory
Manufacturer phone 0800-255-999
Manufacturer address No. 11, Section 1, Nangong Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City