JAPANESE MOON Enamel Sauce Pot

₱4,620.00 PHP

1.7L Size: Approximately 32.5㎝x18㎝x12.6㎝
Weight: Approximately 970g

- The whole pot body is made of pure white enamel material, which is full of quiet and elegant home country style. The intimate hanging hole design at the end of the pot handle.

- The moderate size of 16cm is very suitable for general household use, whether it is used to make sauces, stew a pot of delicious dishes, boil the pot with sweet milk tea, or warm the spleen and stomach, such as rich soup, white porridge, etc. All are very suitable!


1. This product can be used on gas stoves and 100V/200V induction cookers. Please absolutely avoid using it in microwave ovens.

2. When using, please avoid rapid heating, which may cause the glass material on the utensil to break; after leaving the fire source, please cool down slowly in a natural way.

3. Do not place the enamel utensils above the fire source to burn, and avoid long-term high-temperature frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods.

4. Do not subject the enamel utensils to impact, so as not to cause the surface glass material to fall off; if the enamel off part comes in contact with water, acid or alkaline substances, it may cause rust.

5. In order to prevent rust, please avoid holding liquids for a long time. Please wash and wipe the utensils and keep them dry after each use.

6. When cleaning, it is recommended to use softer tools such as sponges instead of steel brushes.

7. The capacity indicated on the product refers to the maximum full water capacity. In order to prevent the risk of boiling overflow, it is recommended to fill it up to 70% full.

8. The temperature of the enamel handle is higher when it is boiled on a high fire, so please be careful to avoid burns.

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