JING SI NOODLES - Chinese Herbal Flavor (5 packs)


Convergence of Goodness and Convenience 

The origin of the development of JING SI noodles in the early years was for disaster relief. After many disaster relief efforts at home and abroad, the brand has seen many victims face dilapidated homes, displaced and helpless, and have no energy to spend three meals; and in times of emergency, if they can provide reassuring, convenient and ready-to-eat meals, it should save a lot of cooking time. So the brand began to conceptualize "scented noodles" that could immediately provide victims with warm, saturated and warm blessings when they were engaged in disaster relief work.

Due to global warming and natural disasters, environmental protection work is urgent. One of the ways to save energy and reduce carbon is to transition from consuming meat to plant-based products. We hope that through our products, we will invite the public to become vegetarians and protect their lives, cultivate compassion, and work together to protect the earth. 

After brewing with the seasoning oil package, the Chinese medicine is fragrant and the soup base is rich and mellow.


How to eat:

{Brewing method}

1. Take out the noodles and tear apart the seasoning powder packet and seasoning oil packet and pour it into a bowl.

2. Add about 450ml of boiling water, and wait for 3~4 minutes after covering.

3. After opening the lid, stir well and eat.

{Quick cooking method}

1. Add 450ml of water to the pot and boil first.

2. Take out the noodles and tear apart the seasoning powder packet and seasoning oil packet and pour it into the pot.

3. Cook for 3 minutes and eat it (you can adjust the time or add ingredients according to personal preference).

※A small packet of deoxidizer is included, please do not tear it open for consumption. (Some products have, some don’t have to pay attention)

※This product contains soybeans, wheat, sesame and their products, and is not suitable for people with allergies.

※This product is pure vegetarian.


Origin: Taiwan

Effective date: marked on the package (year, month and day of the year)

Shelf life: 6 months


One bag/84 grams, one bag of five

Six in one box

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