KIKI Dry Noodles Sichuan Spicy Pepper Flavor


- 5packs/bag

- 【product features】 

In order to make the most delicious dry noodles, the uncles repeatedly tried more than 100 kinds of noodles. In the end, "Tainan Handmade Sun-dried Noodles" won the score.

Tainan City is a treasure house of abundant food in the sun. Since its early years, it has been the origin of ancient noodles. Through natural sunlight and air drying, it can achieve natural antiseptic function. It is different from the need to add a lot of salt to antiseptic. Therefore, The handmade noodles that have been sunbathing have no name additives you can't understand. They are only handmade with flour and water, which is absolutely safe and healthy.

In the process of making noodles, the most important thing is sun exposure. First, put the hand-disassembled fan-shaped noodles one by one on the empty bamboo sieve. After two days of strong sunlight full of positive energy, turn over every two hours. Once, the noodles can be evenly heated, and the bitterness of the noodles can be transformed into the top of the noodles-the taste is Q-flavored, and it will not be rotten for a long time. It is absolutely natural and delicious!

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