MAGI PLANET Sweet Potato Fries (75g)


Name: Magi Planet Popcorn Workshop (two-color sweet potato fries)

Ingredients: brown rice, purple rice, white rice, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, palm oil, fructose (glucose, fructose), sugar, condensed milk (full milk, sugar), salt, antioxidants (vitamin E)

Net. Weight: 75g

Made in Taiwan

Validity period: marked on the package (year/month/day AD)

• This product contains dairy and its equipment or production pipeline includes processing crustaceans, mangos, peanuts, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, fish, and bran.

Quality grains and their products are hereby informed.

• Please put this product at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. Please finish the product as soon as possible after opening. If you can't finish it, please be sure to chain it.

• Seal to keep the product fresh

• This product is made of crops. If there are different harvest seasons, different colors and flavors will be normal. Please eat it at ease.

• This product is slightly sticky to each other because it is wrapped in syrup, which is normal. Please eat it at ease.

• Contains desiccant, please do not eat it