MaqPro Fard Crème Concealer Stick 30ml Color Concealer Stick Correcting Dark Circles, Correcting Redness, Sallow, Contouring



Product Features

Fard Crème is Maqpro's classic star texture, made from natural waxes and pigments of the highest purity.

Concealer can be improved by stacking, and it can be used with a color stick and a concealer brush to easily control the amount.

And quickly spread the softening paste to make Fard Crème moist like peanut butter. 

The exclusive wax base professional makeup artist formula can effectively correct the color and cover the blemishes,

And give the skin a natural makeup, deeply loved by make-up artists in the film and television industry.

*12-15 hours of makeup effect.

*It has a waterproof effect after setting makeup.

*Added beeswax derivatives can moisturize the skin and protect the skin against external factors.

*Because the rich mineral pigments can reflect light, it will have a more natural luster on the skin than ordinary cosmetics.

*Natural pigments (Pigments) in cosmetic ingredients are actually quite expensive in terms of proportion.

Maqpro products contain more than 30% pigments, making our products very saturated, long-lasting, rich in delicate luster!

*Can be used for full face makeup: foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and contouring.

Fard Crème Concealer Stick 30ml Color Concealer Stick

Retouch dark circles: 141 peach orange

Retouched redness: 42 mint green/CR olive green

Retouch sallow, brighten: 15 light purple

Facial contour trimming: 116 trimming gray brown